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Development stands for innovation. Geier Tracked Vehicles are the ultimate result of successful development work: ergonomic, elegant, comfortable and powerful. Clear display, convenient control console, properly placed PTO, ingeniously hydraulic block, practical steering, intelligent drive gears, comfortable strut - these are just a few remarkable benefits of a variety of distinctive unique features. Then, we are working unstoppable. Always searching for the best solution and the maximum benefit for you.


Suspended Undercarriage

for Versatile

The distinctive features of Geier Tracked Vehicles include the Suspended Undercarriage as well as the drive gears with double impeller. Our chassis gives the driver not only the optimum comfort but also the optimal traction. Uneven surfaces conquered with vigour and precision, safety guaranteed in the limit. The specially developed drive gears prevent that the track comes off and promise an accurate track guide. The low design and the ideal weight distribution enable the overcoming of slopes up to over 60%.

Mechanical PTO

Constantly Working Longer.

In addition to the particular Suspended Undercarriage, our PTO drive also convinces with its unique practicability and the constant power transmission on accessories. The accessories can be quickly installed directly on the Tracked Vehicle, without great effort. The PTO's mechanical direct drive over the engine achieves an optimal efficiency and avoids additional load for the hydraulic oil. That is a standard on all models.

Swivel Seat

360° Panorama

The personal experience is the driving force of permanent innovation. The comprehension and foresee of customer demand is our obligation. The implementation of suitable solutions elects our work. The best example for this is the comfortable Swivel Seat with a reversible driver's platform and practical joystick to operate. It offers good all-round vision, is at 360° manoeuvrable and can always be put in the right direction so that you have a clear view in every situation and your work by the short hairs.

Cruise Control

You Set The 

The Cruise Control keeps the chosen speed constant. The advantages are evident: works like the output of pesticides can be done precisely without speed deviations. Fuel consumption, noise level and motor speed can be reduced significantly and consequently the driving comfort increases too. Simply type your desired speed and let's get started!



Hydraulic Connections

It is going like

Well thought out Hydraulic Connections ensure smooth motion sequences. Modern implements with numerous hydraulic functions like the Vine Trimmer can be simply and conveniently controlled. Three double-acting connections for the hydraulic cylinder and a double-acting connection for the hydraulic motor (up to 25 l) are provided, by default. The superior flow regulator makes the additional adjustment of the oil quantity possible. The hydraulic cylinders can just be moved by one finger proportional slowly to quick.


Steep or
Extremely Steep.

With the Geier-Winch you can do every job up to 75% on steep terrain, perfectly safe and convenient. The winch, equipped with modern control technology installed at the front of the vehicle, effectuates the perfect synchronous match of the traction with the chain drive. Simple, automatic und with low maintanance: There are no operator errors and the prematurely rope wear is avoided. The nappy system with spool winder guarantees the optimal winding of the winch. Combinable with the Geier-Rail system.


So Much Power,
as You Need.

Diversity and performance power reduced to the maximum. This also applies to powerful engines, accommodated in the tightest room. Each day they prove themselves anew with bravura in the hard working day. The high-torque Yanmar-Engine is the single piece which complements the individual developed and constructed machine elements. Components and engine placement result in a clean and compact single entity.


We think.

Development means innovation, and thereon we work day after day. The result of this ripening is in every single detail: from work lights to PTO. Well thought out hydraulic connections, large integrated air intakes for the engine cooling, knee padding for the highest user comfort also in standing position, are standard equipment just as the tool compartment that holds everything necessary for you.

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