A Stroke of Genius. Ready for Anything.

The largest contiguous fruit-growing region is the homeland of Geier. Steep slopes, rough terrain, and arduous physical work let mature a vision here and created an ultimate tool that shapes this sector today. No slope is too steep, no row too narrow. Geier's Tracked Vehicles have managed to do that being versatile and agile what no other device had ever succeeded before.

Working becomes
a Child's Play

Absolutely exhausting was yesterday. Today, work is easy. With Geier. The unrivaled Tracked Vehicle is thanks to the more consistent fine-tuning well thought-out to the last detail, ergonomically designed, clear and easy to use. A 100% safety is guaranteed. Let's go, the work is calling!

Diversity instead of Simplicity.

Diversity that is looking for her kind. The innovative and solely benefit-oriented Geier Tracked Vehicles revolutionise the working world of agriculture and forestry as well as the municipal sector. With coordinated modular system for special demands of any kind.


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