Worldwide All-Rounder Guarantee.

From South Tyrol to New Zealand. For vineyards and agricultural contractors, for all those who love wine and cultivate it. Wherever viticulture in terraced vineyards or on plantations for straight traction is operated. Always an eye on the quality, always driven by the courage to innovate and therefore being one step ahead.

Intelligent Technology
developed for the Everyday Life.

Maximum performance power: Geier Tracked Vehicles are unbeatably compact and strong. The proven high-performance Yanmar Engine is an optimal supplement to the individual developed machine elements. Clear in form, with consistent line management and clear arrangement. That enables rapid access and an extremely maintenance-friendly Tracked Vehicle.  

Diversity instead of Simplicity.

Diversity that is looking for her kind. The innovative and solely benefit-oriented Geier Tracked Vehicles revolutionise the working world of agriculture and forestry as well as the municipal sector. With coordinated modular system for special demands of any kind.


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