Small tracked vehicles

Intelligence and power combined in the tightest room.
Years of experience and the pursuit for maximum practicability and performance developed the Geier Tracked Vehicles which also give unconditional reliability and flexibility on extremely steep slopes. Expertise, the spirit of innovation and cutting-edge technology - a binding promise of success.

Diversity instead of Simplicity.

Diversity that is looking for her kind. The innovative and solely benefit-oriented Geier Tracked Vehicles revolutionise the working world of agriculture and forestry as well as the municipal sector. With coordinated modular system for special demands of any kind.


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Comfortable and thought out.
With the new comfortable seat, the „Pole Position“ is secured. The arrangement of the control elements: functional, elegant and clear.

Adjustable seat height
Optimal ergonomic conditions for any shape and use. With electrical tilt adjustment of the complete unit and flexible backrest.

Perfect operating comfort. 
Modernest electronic carries out all commands directly and precisely. This is how modern work works.


More than a Work Tool.

Diversity, performance power and optics reduced to the maximum. The motto of the construction method gives the line management its form. Tracked Vehicles bribe with their clean construction. Clarity and practical access combined in clear technical design and more excellent functioning - that are the undistinctive, unique characteristics of Tracked Vehicles. Perfect constructed for the best performance.

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